Friday, July 16, 2010

Play Bit-o-Critter Round 27 - new and improved!

There's a new Bit-o-Critter rule in play - if you get it right, you get to pick the next round animal(s) and stump your colleagues.  Here's Sarah F.'s trio of selections, which she picked as her reward for getting round 26 correct.  Scientific names please.  First person to get 2/3 correct in a single comment wins.


  1. Top one is a reticulated brittle star (Ophionereis reticulata)

    Bottom one is a Flamingo's Tongue
    (Cyphoma gibbosum)

    Can't tell what the middle one is.

  2. Nice job David! Anyone else want to guess the middle one?

    David - now that you got it right, its your turn to pick the next one. You can email a name or a name and a picture to me at dove at anicca dot net. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  3. How about a hint on that middle shot? It looks like a pectoral fin insertion of a fish. Is it a butterflyfish of some sort?

  4. No, but you're getting warmer :-)

  5. the middle one is Hermodice carunculata a polychaete